Plainfield Patriots

connecticut flagThe patriots listed here are buried in Plainfield cemeteries. The list is but a small part of the hundreds of men and women who served during the Revolutionary War from Plainfield. If there are additions or changes, please contact the chapter.

A name on the list does not necessarily mean that the person is an established patriot in the NSDAR Patriot Index.

Information obtained from Hale Cemetery Records

Old Plainfield Cemetery Parke Cemetery
Backus, Andrew Parke, Elisa
Bennett, Stephen Phillips, Ayer
Cady, Squire
Copp, Ebenezer South Davis Farm Cemetery
Cutler, William Bissell, Samuel
Fuller, John Lathrop, Dixwell
Gary, Reverend John Phillips, Nathaniel
Hall, Stephen Jr.
Hutchens, Amasa Spaulding Cemetery
Ingraham, Reuben Spalding, Stephen
Miller, James
Morgan, Isaac Neighborhood Lot Cemetery
Morgan, Lott Davis, Samuel
Peirce, John Sabin, Nathaniel
Peirce, William
Robinson, Ebenezer Gallup Cemetery
Robinson, Ebenezer Sr. Crary, Aaron
Robinson, Joseph Dean, Christopher
Shepard, Abraham Gallup, Benjamin
Spalding, Curtis Gallup, John
Wheeler, Ephraim
Wheeler, Jonas Hopkins Cemetery
Woodward, Asa Bryant, Ruben
Union Cemetery Hammett Cemetery
A.S.R. Hammett, Jonathan
Dean, Abijar
Dunlap, Joshua Joseph Roode Farm Cemetery
French, John Fry, Peleg
Hall, Caleb Harris, Sears
Hall, Joshua
Parkhurst, Jonathan
Parkis, Pierce
Simmons, Thomas
Spalding, Jared
Spalding, Joseph
Spalding, Philip
Spalding, Ruben
Spalding, Simon
Stringer, John
Warren, Samuel
Wilber, Stephen